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Since the foundation of S.Santanna, in 2010, we have established values and standards to have more consistency and recognization as a reliable company.

Thus, with Compliance Program, we assure that our principles, concepts and guidelines are visible and transparent to guide the development of the company and its customers.

We are aware that the continuity of the company requires dedication and perseverance, so for that we set as fundamentals Excellence (always doing more and better), Growth (adding value with strength and competence) and Ethics (applying our values)

We count on co-workers engagement for the implementation of this Compliance Program, so we can continue to deserve the trust of our customers, partners and suppliers.



S.Santanna’s Code of Conduct provides guidelines to help and to develop the relationship between all individuals involved with the corporation in order to minimize ethical conflicts, actions and oversights that can go against the company’s goals.
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The Compliance Program aims to promote and to reinforce S.Santanna’s commitments with Mission, Vision and Values statements, which are the bases of this entrepreneurial activity.
The Compliance Officers, already appointed internally, are responsible for the management of the Program, performing assemblies and verifying any report.
If you have any problems or wish to report any irregularities, S.Santanna has created a direct and anonymous channel for reporting violations of Ethics principles and the Code of Conduct Guidelines, known as S. Santanna Compliance Reporting Service.
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